Are Mudflaps Required by Law in BC?

Did you know that most trucks on the road in BC do not meet the provincial regulation for mudflaps and are running the risk of fines? MOTOR VEHICLE ACT REGULATIONS 26/58 spells out exactly what is required in BC.

Rear mud guard
Does BC law require mudflaps?

Many vehicles come from the factory or dealership with equipment that does not meet the minimum standard so it is up to you, the driver to know the rules about mudflaps in BC.

Each province has their own regulation because the federal government has none. I’ve read a few of these now and, while I’m no lawyer, I found BC’s regulation to be one of the vaguest and most difficult to find. However, the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations section 7.06 states that “every motor vehicle, trailer and semitrailer not constructed so that the spray and splash of water and mud to the rear of the vehicle is minimized shall be equipped with mudguards and, if necessary, mudflaps.” Later on, in section 7.09, it states that they “shall not be damaged or worn to the extent they are not effective” It seems like there is some room for interpretation here for example: what is the difference between mudguards and mudflaps?!

Anyway, all of this is to protect the other vehicles and drivers on the road and that includes you and your family. It has the additional benefit of helping you avoid unnecessary fines!

If you’re driving a pickup truck in BC it pays (literally!) to know the regulation and have effective mudflaps. Here is a handy tool to help you figure out what size mudflaps you need for your truck.

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